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To apply for a place at this school

The Hemel Hempstead School is a Hertfordshire Foundation School. All admissions to The Hemel Hempstead School are determined by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

All details about admissions, including the Continuing Interest List, are held at Herts County Council.

Admissions arrangements for September 2023/2024

Admissions arrangements for September 2024/2025



Appealing against an admissions decision

Parents will need to set up an appeals account in order to appeal.  The online portal is the same for all parents and can be found here

In order to set up an account the following codes are needed:  The Applicant Reference Number and The Child ID.

Hertfordshire parents can access the codes they need in order to set up an appeals account via their admissions account.  They can see them on the page where they are told their allocation.

Parents who live out-of-county or who applied on paper will need to contact the HCC Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043 in order to obtain their registration details to gain access.  These they will be sent via automated email.

Appeals against admission decisions follow this timetable

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