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At The Hemel Hempstead School, we want the very best for our students. We aim to equip them with the skills they’ll need to achieve outstanding results. We want them to become independent learners and to understand the value of hard work and effort. We want them to strive for goals that they might previously have thought unattainable and never to give up in the face of adversity.

We have taken our lead from pedagogy such as Growth Mindset, Thinking Skills, Building Learning Power and Meta-cognition and, in so doing we have identified six key Learning Traits that we believe will lead our students to become great learners. These are:

Ambition, Self-belief, Perseverance, Independence, Reflection and Effort ; ASPIRE!

These traits are promoted through teaching and learning in the classroom, through school activities such as assemblies and PACE sessions, through the rewards and consequences system and via the displays we use around the school.

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