Suicidal Crisis/Thoughts Support

The OLLIE Foundation – a Hertfordshire-based charity aiming to increase the awareness of suicide & help prevent young people from feeling this is the only option left for them.

Stamp Out Suicide – points of contact for those feeling suicidal, bereaved by suicide or concerned about suicide. Promoting awareness &

CALM (Campaign Against Men Living Miserably) – a charity helping to prevent male suicide in the UK. They provide a helpline, webchat service & advice if you are worried about someone.

Cruse – Bereavement Care – offers support, advice & information to children, young people & adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people through face-to face talk, telephone, email and website support.

PAPYRUS (Parents Association for the Prevention of Young Suicide) – advice & information for parents, carers, teachers, professionals & friends of young people at risk of suicide.

Apps: Related to Suicide (Apps should not be used instead of professional support but as an addition)

Stay Alive – offers help & support to people with suicidal thoughts & those concerned about someone else. Key features include: Quick access to UK national crisis support helplines, a mini-safety plan, a LifeBox to which the user can upload photos from their phones to remind them of their reasons to stay alive, strategies for staying safe, tips on how to help a person thinking of suicide & suicide bereavement resources.

Child Bereavement UK – developed by Child Bereavement UK and a group of young people who have experienced bereavement. It helps young people who have experienced loss to feel less alone & provide information on where they can get more support.

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