English is the official language of both of our countries, but here we are going to explore the language we use...

For example, most people in Sierra Leone also speak Krio, as their first language.  Its originals are fascinating: loosely based on English  it has been influenced by settlers from Canada, Jamaica, France and Portugal as well as those forcibly transported during the slave trade.  It is similar to 'Pidgin English' but is different enough to be a language in its own right, spoken by 350,000 people.


English phrase Krio phrase
Hello Kushɛ
Welcome Kabɔ
How are you? Aw yu du?
I am well, and you? Misɛf a wɛl. Aw yu du?
What is your name? Wetin na yu nem?
My name is... Mi nem na ...
I'm from Hemel Hempstead A kɔmɔt a Hemel Hempstead

A de go, gudbay

Please Bo duya
Thank you Tɛnki
You are welcome O


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