Why do we wear a uniform?

We are proud to be a smart, uniformed school. 

The blue blazer of The Hemel Hempstead School is instantly recognisable in the local community and our students wear it smartly inside the school and on their way to and from home. 

It is a symbol of our collective identity, values and pride.  Uniform is proven to reduce bullying and discrimination and to encourage in young people a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves and of which they are an integral and valued component.

Our uniform code for students in years seven to eleven is here:

Uniform Code, years seven to eleven

Information about our uniform supplier PL Schoolwear can be found on their website 

A link to our sports (PE) kit supplier Peter Spivey is here

Our uniform code for students in the Sixth Form can be found in our Sixth Form handbook.

Sixth Form

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