House System

We are exceptionally proud of our House System. Students and alumni tell us that it is a valuable and wonderful part of their experience in the school. The House System plays a key part in The HHEx for all students.

Our House System is made up of 7 Houses:








Each House is led by a team of Senior & Junior House Captains who are responsible for leading their House in a variety of House Events & Challenges throughout the year. Student leaders also organise and lead many of our House Events. The winning House at the end of the year wins the House Cup!

The House System plays a key part in establishing and reinforcing the school’s ethos and ASPIRE with its students. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • A programme of Hemel Hempstead Experience (HHEx) events which encompass many areas of the curriculum.  We dislike the term extra-curricular as it suggests that such things are not part of the norm.  here we consider everything we do to be part of our rich curriculum.
  • The House Cup is awarded to the House which amasses the most points.
  • Leadership opportunities are offered to all students in managing the House System.

House Captains

All students belong to one of the seven Houses – Ashridge, Chalfont, Flaunden, Gaddesden, Latimer, Nettleden and Pendley.    The Houses are vertical groups based upon the form group to which each student belongs to.Each form appoints a House Representative, a leadership role designed to train younger students in leadership skills who assist the House Captains in communicating and organising their House’s participation in events.

Your child’s House determines which tutor group they are in.  For example, a child in Flaunden would start in 7F and then move to 8F etc.

House Events

The House event calendar lasts throughout the year and includes many areas of the curriculum, such as English, Science, Drama, Dance, Music, Art and Physical Education.

The House Cup

The House Cup is awarded to the House which gathers the most House points, which are awarded through participation in events as well as scores based on records in attendance and rewards and consequences.

House Cup Points System

Whole School

In total, this area is worth the most points. The key areas are attendance, Attitude to Learning scores and commendations. Data is taken for each year group and points are awarded relating to where each form is placed in its year. This is completed every half term.

Major House Events

There are four major House events in the academic year in dance, drama, music and sport. House points are awarded in relation to where each House is placed in the events.

House Challenges

There are a number of House challenges in the academic year, such as House Science and the House Christmas Decorations. Other events may be held more infrequently, such as House Book Bench Challenge.

House Identity

It is a key objective that students are proud to be part of their House as well as being part of the school community. Establishing a House identity to which students feel a belonging is achieved in a number of ways –

  • House colours: Ashridge – green, Chalfont – purple, Flaunden – orange, Gaddesden – white, Latimer – blue, Nettleden – red, Pendley – yellow, The colours make up part of the School tie which all students in Years 7 to 11 are expected to wear.
  • House Assemblies are held at least once a term and are led by students and focus upon the work of students in that specific House.
  • House notice board which is situated next to the ABI Office and is
  • designed for and maintained by students.
  • Regular updates of House News in the school’s newsletter.


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