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Welcome from the Acting Headteacher and Executive Headteacher

It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves to The Hemel Hempstead School.

It is heartening to lead an educational institution where our values resonate with the vision of the governors and local authority. Every day it is our intention to maximise the potential of every student. We cannot underestimate the power that learning has in changing lives and it, like people, is most powerful when unbounded. Your children must feel free to learn without barriers and without excuses. There can be no excuse for any of us in this partnership for not doing our utmost to ensure that every child feels they’re learning freely in the best and most liberating environment in this area.

You can be assured that your children can expect to achieve highly because we expect it of them. We will continue to be unrelenting in the pursuit of their highest standards. In turn we require your full and unwavering support. The school has already proven its worth; the teaching, facilities and opportunities the students have here are unparalleled and sending your children to us is a mark of trust in our reputation.

The students are a credit to the school, their families and the community. They are polite and courteous, honest and trustworthy.  Through providing them with the best education possible we want them to learn that their real wealth doesn’t necessarily exist in the abundance of their possessions, but rather in an outstanding character and reputation.

This is a strong school that the town and community can rightly be proud of and part of staying strong and proud comes from supporting everything local. Local schools bring people together and make communities stronger by sharing the common aim of educating our children.

It is great staff that make great schools and The Hemel Hempstead School typifies this. Our staff work tirelessly because they understand what it takes to get the best out of each child and we are honoured to be leading that team for the next two terms.

Mrs S Ambrose and Mrs S Collings