Theatre Studies

Awarding Body / Specification No:  AQA 7262

What will you be learning?

An exciting combination of performance, script, practitioners and live theatre assessed through practical and academic means!

Students will study two set texts and a range of theatre practitioners.  They will use these to inspire and inform their own theatre making and performance through practical work and assessment.  Students will experience a range of live theatre of varying genres and styles and will be encouraged to reflect and evaluate the work of theatre makers.


Entry requirements

A GCSE in Drama is desirable but not essential.

GCSE Drama grade 5 and GCSE English grade 5  or

GCSE English Language grade 5 may be considered if no GCSE in Drama.

Discretion may be applied where students have LAMDA, Trinity or similar qualifications.


How is the course examined or assessed?

Component 1:  Drama and Theatre  (40% – assessed through written exam)

Practical and academic study of two set plays and analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers through theatre trips.

Component 2:  Creating Original Drama (30% – assessed through practical performance and working notebook.)

This unit focuses on the process and performance of creating devised drama, influenced by the work and methodologies of a practitioner.  Students may contribute as a performer, designer or director.

Component 3:  Making Theatre (30% – assessed through practical performance and reflective report.)

Practical exploration and interpretation of extracts from a range of plays, applying methodology of a practitioner. Students may contribute as a performer, designer or director.


What happens when you are finished?

Many students will go on to Drama school or a degree course in Drama or Theatre Technology: others to study a range of subjects at University.  However, the study of Drama will equip you with key skills for all professions, particularly Law, Media, Journalism, Teaching and Business. Skills learned in Drama are transferable and will develop your analytical, critical and academic potential as well as your ability to work with others in a team environment.