Awarding Body / Specification No:  OCR H567

What will you be learning?

Were Nazi’s simply obeying orders?

Would you stop to help someone who has fallen over in the street?

Why can you remember when you were a child but not remember something that happened yesterday?

Are criminals born or made?

Are psychopath’s brains different to the rest of us?

Is mental illness an inherited, medical or acquired condition?

How can psychology be used to improve sports performance?

How do eye-witnesses influence jury decision?

You will be encouraged to express your own views and develop your own opinions in the course. However, the main emphasis of the specification is on learning what psychologists have found out about human behaviour in their research and how they have interpreted their findings.  You will also learn how to evaluate psychological research and consider how useful it is in helping us to understand human behaviour or helping to improve human experience.


Entry requirements

GCSE English Language grade 5; Maths grade 5; Science grade 5.


How is the course examined or assessed?

There is no coursework requirement in Psychology, but knowledge of Research Methods will be tested.  Students will acquire knowledge of psychological studies and theory and learn to comment on them.  Assessment is through examination, and will use short questions, extended answers and responses to stimulus material.


What happens when you have finished?

An A Level in Psychology can help in any career.  It is of direct relevance if you wish to become a Psychologist, Therapist or Mental Health Worker.  It is classed as a science subject as well as Humanities/Social Sciences, so is considered relevant towards Medicine, Sports Science, Business Science or other subjects which require evidence of thinking scientifically.  It is also seen as particularly relevant in all areas of business from Marketing to Human Resource Management. Psychology has broad appeal and progression to a wide range of degree courses and professions.