Online Payments


Parents and staff are able to make payments online via the school internet site, we hope that you will find paying in this way is much more convenient and from our perspective it will save us time as well as reduce the chances of money being lost or stolen.

The school uses a system known as ‘SIMS Pay’ which is very easy-to-use and will offer you the flexibility to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – safe in the knowledge that payments are secure and use the highest level of card security and that funds will reach the school safely.

The online system will allow you to make payments for all school activities, school meals, school trips, equipment, and uniform, Music Lessons, books and school shows.

Getting started with SIMS Pay online payments

  1. Please have your child’s unique SIMS Pay activation reference below to hand. (If you have more than one child each will have their own reference but once set-up, you will be able to merge accounts)
  2. Please login to SIMS Pay from here:
  3. Follow the simple online instructions to activate your account.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email – once you have clicked the link in the email you will be able to make payments for school items straight away

(Please note: this unique SIMS Pay reference code will expire 30 days after you receive it  , please contact the school if you require a replacement reference code.)

More information about SIMS Pay, how to set it up and some commonly asked questions are available here –  Capita SIMS Pay Documentation


Please Note:

SIMS Pay is changing names – its new name is Pay360 Education Payments.

As of 26th July 2021, SIMS Pay will be known as Pay360 Education Payments. But don’t worry, it is still the same product, functionality and service.

What does this mean for my school?
Pay360 Education Payments is the new name for SIMS Pay. The product features and its functionality will remain the same. When you log into the system, you’ll notice the Pay360 logo in place of the SIMS logo and the new name – Pay360 Education Payments, is used throughout.

From 26th July, please use this new link to log in: