Students will have a greater chance of achieving their potential by attending school on a regular basis. At The Hemel Hempstead School we are committed to promoting excellent levels of attendance and punctuality and it is our aim for students to achieve over 95% attendance. Please refer to our Attendance and Registration Procedure for further details.

The School will:
• Register students twice daily in the morning at 8.40am and in the afternoon at 12.35pm.
• Register students at each lesson.
• Monitor attendance closely, following up lates and absences.
• Summarise attendance to parents regularly on interim reports.
• Implement strategies and targets for improving attendance.
• Allow the Herts County Council Attendance Improvement Officer to regularly and closely inspect the registers to ensure student attendance is satisfactory.
• Communicate home to parents if a student’s attendance or punctuality is causing concern.
• Refer students with ongoing poor attendance and punctuality to the Herts County Council Attendance Improvement Officer.
• Request Herts County Council to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if a student has continued or persistent unauthorised absence.
• Issue rewards for 100% attendance, improved attendance and excellent punctuality.
• Issue consequences (as per HHS Rewards and Consequences system) for poor punctuality to school and lessons.

Guidance for Parents/Guardians/Carers:
Parents are responsible in law for ensuring that their child attends school at which they are registered, that they are punctual and ready to learn. Parents should avoid taking students out of school as this will seriously affect their learning and their potential.
• Parents must inform the school if a student is going to be absent from school or late to school by calling the absence line on 01442 390103 before 8.30am.
• If there is an unavoidable reason why your child needs to leave school during the school day, you must inform the school in advance via telephone on 01442 390103 or by letter/note in the student planner. Students leaving school for a medical appointment must also provide proof in the form of an appointment letter/card.
• If your child is absent from school for a prolonged illness or hospital admission, it would be helpful to provide the school with official medical confirmation.
• Requests for absence in term time must be put in writing to the Headteacher. Absence during term time will not be authorised unless for exceptional circumstances.
• If you take your child out of school without requesting permission or absence is taken that the Headteacher has not authorised, the absence will be marked as unauthorised. Unauthorised leave of absence exceeding 15 sessions will lead to a request for Herts County Council to issue a Penalty Notice without warning.
• If your child has ongoing poor attendance and they have unauthorised absences of 15 or more sessions across the current and/or previous term this will also initiate a request to Herts County Council for a Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued.

Penalty Notices:
If a pupil has at least 15 sessions (half day=1 session) unauthorised absence in the current and/or previous term, including leave of absence where permission has been denied, the Headteacher can apply for the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. A fine of £60 is issued if paid within 21 days or £120 if paid within 28 days. Parents can discharge potential liability for conviction by paying the penalty. Failure to pay the fine may result in prosecution for the offence.

Guidance for Students:
Good attendance and punctuality will lead to greater achievement and will be rewarded. Monitor your own attendance and make changes to improve poor attendance or punctuality.
• If you have been absent from school, it is your responsibility to catch up on missed work.
• If you miss registration (AM or PM) or you are late to school you must sign in at the ABI room. You will be marked LATE and if there is no reasonable explanation you will be given a C1 for lateness. 2 lates in a week will result in you receiving a one hour after school detention.
• If you arrive at school after registration/do not attend assembly/ do not sign in you will be marked LATE and will be issued a C1 for lateness. 2 lates in a week will result in you receiving a one hour after school detention.
• If you arrive an hour after registration you will be marked as an unauthorised late. This will result in a one hour after school detention.

Attendance and Registration Procedure