Awarding Body / Specification No:  Edexcel 9MU0

What will you be learning?

The course demands performing, composing, listening and analytical skills in almost equal measure.  You will improve your skills in performing and composing in a range of styles.  You will listen to a wide variety of music and develop a more informed appreciation of how and why it was written and/or performed.  You will further develop your understanding of music theory through various analysis and harmony exercises.


Entry requirements

GCSE Music grade 6, Sing or play an instrument to at least grade 5 (with a view to being grade 7 standard by the end of Year 13).


How is the course examined or assessed?

You will be required to do an 8 minute solo/ensemble performance which will be externally marked (30%).

You will compose 2 pieces of music.  The most likely combination being; one in response to a brief set by Edexcel and one technical study; this will be externally marked (30%).  There is a written paper which will involve aural and analytical responses to works you have studied and some unseen pieces.  This will involve some short theory questions (e.g. melodic dictation) (40%).


What happens when you have finished?

Further education studying Music at University or Music College, Music Journalism, careers in performing, composing, teaching music and a variety of jobs within the music industry.


More information   

You will need to take instrumental tuition outside lesson time to assist in the preparation of the performance unit and will be expected to get actively involved in extra-curricular activities available in the department.


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