West Side Story


Inspired by the timeless story of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story takes Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, and places them in the vibrant battleground of New York City’s West Side in the 1950s. In the midst of the deep-seated rivalry between the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, and the white gang, the Jets, Maria and Tony discover that ancient grudges are no match for true love. Their warring factions, however, refuse to back down, and the “rumbles”, romance, and resentment lead the bloody path to the lovers’ ultimate, tragic conclusion

West Side Story – The Cast

Tony Samuel Jenkins
Maria Charis Dussek
Riff – the leader of the Jets – Joel Nicell
Bernardo – the leader of the Sharks – Ian Saunders
Anita Stephanie Baker & Ashlea Brewin
Lieutenant Schrank Daniel Foster
Officer Krupke Olly Dyer
Doc Bryn Holmes
Gladhand Elliot Harding & Danielle Horton

The Jets
Diesel Ed Sealey
Graziella Anna Stanyon
Gee-Tar Dylan Cousins
Velma Olivia Woodward
Action Lewis Dragisic
Minnie Ellie Rimmer
A-Rab Will Benjamin
Clarice Katie Swift
Mouthpiece Elliot Wyton
Pauline Maria Clark
Snowboy Harry Ogden
Anybodys Emily Jelfs, Millie Kelly, Natacha Bassett
Baby John Doug Wager
Tiger Sonny Carter
Big Deal Sam Brook, Mason Brand, Elliot Hardin

The Sharks
Chino Calum Rankin
Rosalia Cherry Halfyard
Pepe Luke Gill
Consuelo Camille Lecoeuche
Indio Ethan George
Teresita Jackie Sam
Luis Alex Boucher
Francisca Emily Colebrook
Anxious Niall Marsden
Estella Lauren Shirley
Nibbles Shiraz Ali
Moose Louis Parkins
Juano Peter Kennett
Toro Zavier George , Luke Burford
Margarita Amy Merrick, Megan Brooks,  Emily Brewin, Maria Fazli, Brooke Sanders, Amber Grappy,Sarah Toms