Senior Prize Giving

The Senior Prize Giving Ceremony, marking the Academic Year 2012-13, took place on 19th December 2013. It is a celebration and acknowledgement of the academic and exceptional endeavours of students, past and present.

The Guest Speaker, Mr Matt Dickinson, a former student of the school, is an acclaimed writer and film maker, who has worked extensively for National Geographic Television, The Discovery Channel and The BBC. He is one of the first directors to have filmed on the summit of Mount Everest, and his account of his ascent of the deadly North Face is captured in his best-selling book ‘Death Zone’.

On his website, Matt Dickinson claims to be ‘a writer and film maker, with an enduring (and occasionally dangerous) fascination with people who push the limits.’ And this was certainly the main thrust of the speech he delivered to an audience of over four hundred students, guests, staff and governors. Whilst entertaining the audience with clips and a video extract from his mountain adventures, he skilfully linked this outlook on life to the day to day endeavours of student life. “In fact”, Matt told the audience, “my grand designs for the future were forged in the same hall you are sitting in this very evening, when I was just 11 years old”.