School Productions

29th January – 1st February 2014


“I came to the performance last night to support my niece and wanted to thank everyone involved and congratulate everyone on an outstanding performance. It was brilliant, thank you for a very enjoyable evening.”

“Would you mind passing this email to the relevant person. I don’t have any connection to the school but was at the performance of Oliver yesterday evening. I have been to many performances, having a son in the Performing Arts industry. The performance of Oliver was absolutely amazing!  Every single person (big part or small) put on a fantastic show. The standard of singing was excellent too. I would like to encourage all of the performers & say ‘very well done!’  I even gave them a standing ovation!”


“What joy the splendid performance of Oliver gave the audience last night! So impressed by the hard work and commitment and good will that so obviously was behind this stunning evening!”

“I attended the performance of Oliver last night to see my great niece, who is in her first year at Hemel Hempstead School. I had a fantastic evening and the standard of the production was amazing.  Would you please convey my thanks and admiration to all staff and pupils that contributed, both front of house and behind the scenes.”

“Wow, Fantastic, Unbelievable, Brilliant, Incredible, Mature beyond their years. These were just some of our thoughts, having been privileged enough to see Oliver on Friday night. Some of the performances were worthy of the West End. I was literally taken aback by how good everyone was. Congratulations to all. It must have taken an immense effort.”

“Belated congratulations on another fabulous show last week. As with previous shows, it was a delight to observe. Everyone was fantastic from the chorus to the leads. Wherever you looked all were engaged and giving it their all. The staging, music, dancing and engagement were all superb and I thoroughly enjoyed the three nights I came. My guests, family and friends all thoroughly enjoyed it too and couldn’t get over the standard of a ‘school’ production. Thank you so much!”

Director: Diane Heale
Musical Director: Debbie Bailey
Choreographer: Sharon Sepala
Dance Rehearsal  Director: Sian Billinge
Props: Laura Gregory-White, Sarah Kydd
Technical Director: Michael Li/Sam Taylor
Lighting: Kieran Duke/Sam Mothersole
Sound: Kris Banks
Stage Manager: Alex Eades
Backstage Crew: Technical Theatre Club
Costumes: Sarah Kydd, Laura Gregory-White, Lucy Naylor, Sophie Izzard, Harlequin Costumes of Baldock
Hair and Make Up: Daisy Hawkins (with thanks to Helen Eames)
Set Design: Diane Heale, Mike Li, Charlie Benstead
Scenic Painting and Construction: Rachel Lane, Lauren Rayner, Lise Vree, Charlie Benstead, David Scotland, Richard Kocel
Front of House: John Mitchell
Refreshments: Charlie Benstead
Publicity: Sue Rayner, Phil Eames
Programme: Sally Green
Box Office: Angela Davis
Display: Jane Gilden

Thanks to: Paul Stanbridge, Gary Townsend, Debbie Benjamin, Andrew Pennycook, Numerous colleagues, friends and parents who have helped.


Oliver Twist: Ethan George/Jack Noonan
Mr Bumble,The Beadle: Callum Harbour
Widow Corney: Zoe Bothwell
Noah Claypole: Sam Jenkins
Mr Sowerberry: Nicholas Mower
Mrs Sowerberry: Camille Lecoeuche
Charlotte: Ruby Hayden
The Artful Dodger: Joel Nicell/Harry Ogden
Fagin: Andrew Long
Nancy: Joanna Toms
Charley Bates: Cameron Brooks
Bet: Rachel Lotts
Bill Sykes: Tsungai Lewry/Liam Wadmore
Mrs Bedwin: Beth Bellis
Mr Brownlow: Dominic Wood
Dr Grimwig: Sam Brooks


Violins: Chris Grey/Rachel Williams/Clara Wilmot-Basset
Viola: David Barker
Cell: Jo Warren
Double Bas: Phillip Davis
Flut: Liz Eyles
Clarinet: Rachel Lane
Oboe: Angela Gilby
Bassoon: Katie Wilson
French Horn: Alan Jones/Luke Smith
Trumpet: Stuart Quinlan/Catherine Smith
Trombone: India D’Arcy/Bob Bailey
Piano: Fiona Smith
Drum Kit and Percussion: Richard Smeethe

Chorus of Workhouse children; Bow Street Runners, Street Vendors and Crowd:

Luke Gill, Lorenzo Bellini, Elliot Harding, Andrew Boardman, Thomas Askins, Owen Lloyd, Jack Howe, Alex Boucher, Dylan Cousins, Lucien George, Dan Foster, Lauren Nicell, Charis Dussek, Brodie Keeley, Sophie Vivanti, Jackie Sam, Emily Jelf, Eden Lee, Charlotte Royal, Daisy Dukes, Cherry Halfyard, Amber Grappy, Eleanor Clarke, Sarah Toms, Nadya Mills, Georgie Bartlett, Heidi Taylor,  Rebecca Tate, Maddy Foster.

Music, lyrics and book by Lionel Bart
Produced for the Broadway stage by David Merrick and Donald Albery

By arrangement with MusicScope and Stage Musicals of New York