Lion,Witch & Wardrobe



When four children walk through a coat-filled wardrobe in England, they find the land of Narnia, a magical place filled with fantastic creatures and talking animals.  An evil witch, who has imprisoned Narnia in ice and snow, deceives and captures one of the children.  His brother and sisters must seek help from the great lion Aslan, Narnia’s creator and rightful ruler, to release Narnia and rescue Edmund.  But the witch invokes the ancient ‘deep magic’ and Aslan offers himself as a sacrifice in place of Edmund.


Amber Grappy  – Narrator
Cherry Halfyard  –  Narrator
Ashlea Brewin  –  Lucy
Eleanor Clark  –  Susan
Cameron Brooks  –  Peter
Calum Rankin  –   Edmund
Will Benjamin  –  Professor
Tess Askins  –  Mrs McCready
Alex Boucher  –  Mr Tumnus
Dan Foster  –  Mr Beaver
Emily Jelfs  –  Mrs Beaver
Maria Clark  –  Queen Jadis
Charis Dussek  –  White Witch
Nicole Farrell  –  Polly/Chorus
Joe Hutchings  –  Young Digory/Chorus
Will Rutland   –   Maugrim
Dylan Cousins   –   Dwarf
James Wadsworth  –  Wolf
Millie Price  –  Leopard
Zara Briggs  –  Leopard
Annie Skopek  –  Giant/Chorus
Harry Ogden  –  Father Christmas
Kym Boucher and Fern Townsend  –  Aslan



Ethan George, Luke Swan, George Johnson, Ella Baldwin, Poppy Nixon, Isabel Rodger, Mille Johnson, Ailsa Goff, Jackie Sam, Naomi Borden-Sanchez, God’s Favour Inyang, Izzy Reeve, Becci Rumble and Thomas Askins


Director: Laura Gregory-White
Technical Supervisor: Jon Kilvington
Sound: Corey McDonagh
Lighting: Alex Eades
(Corey and Alex are being assessed in their respective areas for GCSE Drama)
Tech Crew: Kris Banks, Sam Taylor
Crew: Josh Purdie, Ethan French, Mafas Muzamil, Scott Bowman, Joseph Harding, Tom Gill, Elliot Harding, Tyler McDonagh, Zara Rafiq-Craske and Sam Warner

Choreography: Sian Billinge
Set: Charlie Benstead, Diane Heale
Make up: Emma Boulton, Mollie Farrar, Diane Heale
Costume: Ashlea Brewin, Laura Gregory-White
Props: Drama Department

Aslan made by: Richard Piesse and Kym Boucher
Publicity/tickets: Sue Rayner
Programme: Sally Green
Box Office: Angela Davis

Thanks to: Debbie Bailey, Paul Stanbridge, Pritti Lane and the HHSA, Kieron Duke, Richard Kocel, Dave Scotland and the many colleagues who have helped with and supported this production.