Governors are volunteers and bring their time, experience and expertise from a broad range of backgrounds to help lead the school.  Their primary role is to support and challenge in equal measure and they are vital in ensuring that the school is always working at its very best,

We have a vacancy for a co-opted governor, someone from the local community, who would like to be involved in the leadership of the school.  We are especially interested in people with a background in the law, premises management, strategic management, human resources or risk management.

If you are interested in applying for this vital and influential role please take a look at this page and this link and then write for more information to the Chair of Governors, via the normal school address or email.

Parent governor election

We are delighted to welcome Graeme Snell onto the governing body as the new parent governor.

The role of the governing body

The purpose of having a governing body is to:

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement
  • support school improvement
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does and what it costs
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff
  • not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action
  • be a credible, representative and authoritative body, aligned to the school’s ethos and educational purpose

The constitution of the governing body

The governing body meets together at full governing body meetings four times a year.  Additionally three committees meet to further support work around pay & finance, curriculum & planning, and resources.  There is an annual strategy and governor training day.  The Headteacher and the Chair meet fortnightly.  Governors are regular and enthusiastic visitors to the school and supporters of extra-curricular and after-school events.

During this academic year to constitution and attendance of the governing body, to date, is:

NamePositionType of appointmentAttendance Full Governing BodyAttendance: Curriculum & planning committeeAttendance: Resources committeeAttendance: Finance & pay committee,Term of officePecuniary interests declared
Steven MansbridgeChair of GovernorsPartnership111Mar 17 to Mar 21Boxmoor Trust, Mansbridge Bakers. Wife employed at Boxmoor Primary School. Employer, Redbournbury Mill, also works with JFK School.
Neil HassellHeadteacherHeadteacher111From Sep 18Governor at Bedgrove Infant School, Diving Officer at Dacorum Sub-Aqua Club
Dave BellChair of Resources committeeCo-opted11Oct 17 to Oct 21Committee member at Boxmoor Cricket Club. Family Worker South West Herts Partnership
Joy FergusonCo-opted1Sep 15 to Aug 19
Carol FelminghamParent1Apr 16 to Apr 20Employee at Hobbs Hill Primary School
Bob HarbourVice Chair of GovernorsCo-opted1Sep 15 to Aug 19Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Academy
Lauren RaynerStaff governor11Employee of the school, as are her partner and mother.
Rebecca RoseParent11Sep 15 to Aug 19
Dr Phillip RhodenPartnership11Mar 17 to Mar 21Etaerio Ltd., Amberside Advisors Ltd. (formerly Club Finance Project Ltd.), Amberside Financial Ltd, Amberside Energy Ltd., Amberside Capital Ltd.
Paul StanbridgeCo-opted111Sep 15 to Aug 19Previously employed by the school, farmer, part-time teacher.
Sophie MastersParent11Dec 17 to Dec 21Teacher at South Hill Primary. Husband is trustee at the South Hill Centre
James HealeChair of the Curriculum & Planning committeeParent11Dec 17 to Dec 21CEO of Flywheel Learning Ltd, Regional leader for the PiXL Club, Consultant for Tower Hamlets Educational Partnerships, Accounting Officer of Vanguard Learning Trust. Board Member Raines Foundaton Trust. Trustee of Hillingdon Educational Trust
Andrew PennycookLocal Authority GovernorLA1Oct 18 to Oct 22Clerk of GB at South Hill Primary. Also receive reimbursement of cost of filming and supplying DVDs of school concerts and musicals
Graeme SnellParent1From Oct 18Governor at Pixies Hill Primary School.
Rachael DonaldsonClerkHfL Clerking Service111From Jan 2019
VacancyCo-optedFrom June 19

During the academic year 2017 to 2018 this was the constitution and attendance of the governing body was:

NamePositionType of appointmentAttendance: Full governing body meetings, %Attendance: Curriculum & planning committee, %Attendance: Resources committee, %Attendance: Finance & pay committee, %Term of officePecuniary interests declared
Steven MansbridgeChair of GovernorsPartnership100100100Mar 17 to Mar 21Boxmoor Trust, Mansbridge Bakers
Andrew PennycookVice Chair of Governors, Chair of Pay & Finance committeeLocal Authority80100100Sep 14 to Aug 18Clerk to governing body at South Hill Primary
Neil HassellHeadteacherHeadteacherFrom Sep 18Governor at Bedgrove Infant School, Dacorum Sub-Aqua Club
Sally AmbroseActing HeadteacherHeadteacher100100100Jan 18 to Aug 18
Patrick HartyHeadteacherHeadteacher1000100100Until Dec 17
Dave BellChair of Resources committeeCo-opted100100100Oct 17 to Oct 21
Joy FergusonCo-opted100100Sep 15 to Aug 19
Carol FelminghamParent6050Apr 16 to Apr 20
Bob HarbourCo-opted10090100Sep 15 to Aug 19Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Academy
Alex LittlejohnChair of Curriculum & Planning committee,(until Aug 18)Staff100100Until Aug 18
Balinder WaliaCo-opted205050Sep 15 to Aug 19
Rebecca RoseParent60100Sep 15 to Aug 19
Jacqui Ellis100100
Until Oct 17
Dr Phillip RohdenPartnership100100Mar 17 to Mar 21Club Finance Ltd., Clubfinance Project Finance Ltd., Amberside Finance Ltd.
Paul StanbridgeCo-opted40100Sep 15 to Aug 19
Sophie MastersParent60100Dec 17 to Dec 21Teacher at South Hill Primary
James HealeChair of the Curriculum & Planning committee (from Sep 18)Parent33100Dec 17 to Dec 21Executive Headteacher at Vyners Learning Trust, Trustee of Hillingdon Education Trust, Regional Leader for the PiXL Club, CEO of Flywheel Learning Ltd.
VacancyParentFrom Sep 18
VacancyStaffFrom Sep 18
Stephen RobinsonClerkFinance and Business Manager100100100100Until Jan 19

If you wish to contact the Governing Body you should write to the Chair of the Governing Body at the school address.