Awarding Body / Specification No:  Edexcel 9H10


What will you be learning?

This exciting and engaging History course enables students to:

  • Develop their interest in and enthusiasm for history and an understanding of its value and significance
  • Improve as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with curious and enquiring minds
  • Acquire an understanding of different identities within society and an appreciation of aspects such as social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity
  • Acquire an understanding of the nature of historical study
  • Develop the ability to ask relevant and significant questions about the past and to research them
  • Argue a case, evaluate interpretations of the past and reach substantiated judgements


Entry requirements

GCSE: History grade 5, English Language grade 5.


How is the course examined or assessed?

Paper 1: Britain transformed, 1918-1997

Paper 2: The USA Challenge & Conformity, 1955-1992

Paper 3: Britain: losing and gaining an empire, 1763–1914

Coursework: The Second World War, 1939-1945


What happens when you have finished?

A Level History is viewed as a valuable and respected subject by universities. It supports the study of a wide range of subjects because of the important skills it enables students to develop. History supports the entry into careers in numerous fields; teaching, government, financial services, arts and media, marketing and consultancy, tourism, retail, manufacturing and engineering, law, libraries, archives and museums, voluntary and social services, IT and communications, medicine, the police and armed forces.