Graphic Communication

Awarding Body / Specification No:  Edexcel 9GC0

What will you be learning?

This course builds upon the expertise, knowledge and understanding acquired from the Graphics & Art GCSE courses. Students will aim to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to effectively use the design elements to create effective communications through the skillful organisation of images and words. Students will explore a wide variety of skills and techniques using both digital (Adobe Software) and traditional Art & Design methods. Students will study a wide variety of Artists’ work from different periods and genres; helping them to develop their own personal style. Projects will be designed to enable students to hone their skill level of the following four disciplines throughout the course; illustration, advertising, branding and information design. Project work will be presented through a series of sketchbooks and final pieces and display books which will be displayed in an exhibition taking place at the end of the course.


Entry Requirements

GCSE Graphics or Art grade 5.


How is the course examined or assessed?

This course consists of two components which are both assessed at the end of the two year course, a ‘Personal Investigation’ and an ‘Externally Set Task’.

The Personal Investigation involves producing both practical and written work during the course to include a 3,000 word illustrated essay. All of the work is internally assessed and externally moderated through an end of year exhibition.


What happens when you have finished?

Students will be able to study aspects of Graphic Communication or Marketing at further or higher education with careers in areas such as Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing & Branding, Creative Directing and more in the creative industries.