Awarding Body / Specification No:  AQA 7993


What will you be learning?

The EPQ enables you to take control of your learning by demonstrating your abilities in

an area of your own choice. It will develop your analytical and evaluative skills, as well

as your ability to project manage your own work. As a result, it is highly valued by both

universities and employers.

Your choice of topic can either be an extension of any course you are taking in Sixth

Form, or something completely unrelated. It can be an essay or a more practical piece such as artwork or a short story. Recent examples have included the growth of

populism in mainland Europe, an evaluation of how far Nelson Mandela’s social policies were successful and a short story about the Romanov family in Russia. Whatever you choose, it will develop your critical thinking skills, enable you to be reflective and independent learners, extend your decision-making and problem-solving skills, and demonstrate your creativity, initiative and enterprise.


How is it delivered?

In total the course takes 120 hours. You will have 30 hours of directed teaching,

involving one weekly lesson where you will learn, among other things, project

management, research and referencing skills. The other 90 are directed by yourself independently. You will also have regular 1-1 meetings with a supervisor.


Any Year 12 student.


How is the course examined or assessed?

You will be assessed on the final project, a presentation and your record of how you managed your project and developed your decision-making and project-planning skills.


What happens when you have finished?

The EPQ prepares you for both for university and/or a future career. In addition to the UCAS points you will gain, some universities also reduce their offers by one grade if you achieve an A or above. Recent examples of universities doing this are Manchester, Birmingham and Essex. It is also excellent evidence for any job application or interview.