Awarding Body / Specification No:  Edexcel 9ECO1

What will you be learning?

Economics is divided into three key areas: global economics, micro and macroeconomics.


Some of the topics you will be covering are:


Why do footballers get paid more than nurses?

Discuss if Adam Smith or Karl Marx was right?

How can we tackle obesity in the UK?

Who should pay for environmental impact of producing a good service?

What can be done about unemployment?

What will be the impact of BREXIT?

How can we help developing countries?

Why does America have so much income inequality?

What caused the Great Financial Crisis?

Analyse the performance of the UK economy over the past 10 years.

Why is Ethiopia one of the fastest growing economies in the world?


Entry requirements

GCSE Maths grade 5, English Language grade 5.

Please note this A Level requires an understanding of mathematical models and calculations as well as an ability to write essays.  A keen interest in current affairs would help.


How is the course examined or assessed?

3 x 2 hour exams consisting of multiple-choice, short answers, data responses and essays.


What happens when you have finished?

Students will be able to study further in the Business, Accounting and Management fields.  Careers that have a strong economic component: Banking (World Bank, UK Banks, The International Monetary Fund, United Nations Agencies).  The UK Civil Service, The Department of Finance, Trade and Industry and External Affairs, Business Management/Consulting in all fields.  Financial Consulting, Stock-Broking and the Insurance Industry.