PACE is a key part of our curriculum and covers Personal, Social & Heath Education, Fundamental British Values, Citizenship and Social Media & Online Safety.  It has been updated this year to include the new, mandatory Relationships and Sex Education which will be compulsory from 2020.  We believe that this element of the curriculum is so important to young people’s safety and well-being that we are delivering it now.

The full PACE curriculum can be found at this link.

In Key Stage 4 it also covers to national curriculum for Religious Studies, through the weekly PACE bites in tutor time.

Students have a full lesson, once per fortnight in years 9-13 and twice per fortnight in years 7 and 8, regular ‘PACE bites’ during tutor time, weekly assemblies and several themed special assemblies.

Parents have a focus evening at the beginning of each stage and then PACE can be revisited during parents evening later in the year.