Assessment and Reporting

There are three reporting points across the school year.  Key evidence from books, homework, test, formal trial examinations and teacher assessments are made throughout the term and a report set out in the first week back in the new term.

Descriptors of Learning
At each reporting point, every subject will report a ‘Descriptors of Learning Grade’ for Homework, Effort and Behaviour as follows:

Homework 1 Homework is always handed in on time and goes beyond what is expected of a student at this stage.
2 Homework is completed to a good standard and routinely handed in on time.
3 Homework may be lacking in effort is not always handed in on time.
4 Homework is rarely completed.
Effort 1 Is fully engaged in all areas of the subject; always keen to contribute to class discussions and group work and perseveres with tasks.
2 Engages well in most areas of the subject; often contributes to class discussions, usually makes a positive contribution to group work and generally perseveres with tasks.
3 Is not always fully engaged with the subject and needs prompting to question and develop ideas. Regularly fails to persevere when faced with challenges.
4 Shows little engagement with the subject; often needing to be kept on task or frequently missing key ideas as a result of not participating adequately or persevering with challenging tasks.
Behaviour 1 Demonstrates impeccable behaviour at all times. Makes mature choices, consistently works hard and is a role model for others.
2 Demonstrates good behaviour. Generally chooses to work hard.
3 Does not consistently demonstrate a high standard of behaviour and/or is easily distracted by others. Shows the ability to make positive decisions but does not always do so.
4 Does not behave in an acceptable manner in lessons therefore progress is impeded. Behaviour is a serious concern as it is often detrimental to the learning of others.


Progress and Attainment

Key Stage 3

For each student achievement will be measured against the KS3 Subject Expectations found on the left of this page, dependent upon their baseline attainment: Higher (H), Intermediate (I) or Foundation (F).  For each subject the report will show the level at which they are currently achieving followed by a ‘+’, ‘=’ or ‘-‘ to allow you to see how close they are to the band above or below.

Key Stages 4 & 5

A ‘Professional Prediction’ will be reported for each subject which is the subject teacher’s prediction if the student were to maintain their current level of effort and attainment.