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“The curriculum is everything: the whole experience; what it is to be a part of the community at The Hemel Hempstead School.  It is The Hemel Hempstead Experience.

It is our intent that our curriculum provides the broadest, richest experiences which lead to meaningful learning, of knowledge and of skills.

Our curriculum should sculpt young people who, because they have a love of learning in all its forms, are resilient, confident, articulate and successful members of society, who aspire and achieve.  To gain this love of learning, and experience the success, they must know how to learn and make connections between school and the wider world.

It is the intent of our curriculum that it allows students to learn ‘to be, not just seem to be’ ‘Esse Quam Videri’


Leadership Team, December 2018


Our curriculum combines rich, knowledge-based, rigorous academic study with our ASPIRE and PACE programmes.

ASPIRE is our Learning Traits and seeks to develop critical key skills in students that they will need for the world of work and further study, PACE seeks to ensure that they are safe, compassionate and engaged citizens.

The curriculum is supported by a broad extra-curricular and careers programme, each of which can be explored using the hyperlinks to the left or the bottom of this page.

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all and provide parents with information and progress reports on a regular basis. Where appropriate, students are placed into sets according to their ability.  This enables us to deliver the most appropriate education for each individual and place support where it is most needed.

AT KEY STAGE THREE (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Students follow the National Curriculum with additional subjects at Key Stage 3.  During Year 7 we assess students to set in mathematics from the outset. Most students study two foreign languages from Year 7.

Subjects have the following number of lessons per fortnight:

 Yr 7Yr 8Yr 9 Yr 7Yr 8Yr 9
Design, technology and food444Music222
Drama222Physical education444
English777Religious education222

AT KEY STAGE FOUR (Year 10 and 11)

Towards the end of Year 9 students take their options.  In Key Stage 4 they then follow six mandatory and four chosen subjects:

 Year 10Year 11
GCSE English
GCSE English literature
GCSE Mathematics88
GCSE Combined science
GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Four option subjects20 (4 x 5)20 (4 x 5)

The options are chosen from the following blocks:

LanguagesTechnologiesCreative ArtsHumanities
GCSE FrenchGCSE ComputingGCSE ArtGCSE Geography
GCSE GermanGCSE Food and nutritionGCSE DanceGCSE History
GCSE Product designGCSE DramaGCSE Religious studies
GCSE Graphic communicationGCSE MusicGCSE Physical education
GCSE Resistant materialsBTEC Sport
GCSE TextilesBTEC Business

AT KEY STAGE FIVE (Years 12 and 13)

We have a thriving Sixth Form offering a wide range of subjects and excellent teaching.

The Sixth Form enjoy substantial privileges and opportunities to participate in extra-curricular and social activities.

The Sixth Form has its own dedicated pages here.

The named person responsible for the curriculum is Mr Neil Hassell, the Headteacher.  If you require further information about our curriculum please contact the EA to the Headteacher, Mrs Smith, on 01442 390 100 or via