Computer Science

Awarding Body / Specification No:  OCR H446 Qualification number: 601/4911/5 

What will you be learning?

A Level Computer Science qualification helps students understand the core academic principles of computer science. Classroom learning is transferred into creating real-world systems through the creation of an independent programming project. Our A Level will develop the student’s technical understanding and their ability to analyse and solve problems using computational thinking.

Units include:

Unit 1Computer systems – The internal workings of the (CPU), data exchange, software development, data types and legal and ethical issues.

Unit 2Algorithms and programming – Using computational thinking to solve problems.

Unit 3Programming project – Students will be expected to analyse a problem (10 marks), and design (15 marks), develop and test (25 marks), and evaluate and document (20 marks) a program. The program must be to solve it written in a suitable programming language.

Entry requirements
It is recommended that the student does GCSE Computer Science and achieves a minimum grade 5 to do well at A Level.

How is the course examined or assessed?

Unit 1 – Written external exam of 2.5 Hrs counting 140 marks

Unit 2 – Written external exam of 2.5 Hrs counting 140 marks

Each examination paper is 40% weighted whilst the project is 20% weight and carries 70 marks.

What happens when you have finished?

Students will receive the equivalent to one A level.

They will apply their practical skills and knowledge in preparation for further study, Higher Education or the workplace in careers such as Cyber Security, Data Analysts, Entry Level Programmer, etc.