Awarding Body / Specification No:  OCR  H032/H432

What will you be learning?

The course includes a wide variety of topics including: carbon chemistry, atomic structure, green chemistry, bonding, modern analytical techniques, energy changes, rates of reaction, chemical synthesis and modern polymers.  The course promotes analytical and problem solving skills, numeracy and gives a fascinating insight into the world that surrounds us.


Entry requirements

Separate Science students: Science to be studied 6, 2nd science 6, Maths 6

Trilogy (double award) students: 6,6 Maths 6

2 Science A Levels 7,6 Maths 6

3 Science A Levels 7,7 Maths 6


How is the course examined or assessed?

A two year course, examined at the end of Year 13.

A Level consists of three written papers, assessing content from all modules:

  • Paper 1: multiple choice and structured questions (37%)
  • Paper 2: multiple choice and structured questions (37%)
  • Paper 3: structured and extended response question (26%)

Non exam assessment: practical endorsement (pass/fail)


What happens when you have finished?

Chemistry A Level is essential for Medicine and Veterinary Science and is a required or recommended subject for many other degree courses such as Zoology, Forensic Science, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Materials Science and many others.