Business & Enterprise (NCFE)

Awarding Body / Specification No:

Ref: 601/8908/3
Sector: Business, Administration and Law

What will you be learning?

Unit 01 Starting a business/enterprise

Unit 02 Research and analysis methods for business and enterprise 

Unit 03 Marketing and promotion for business and enterprise

Unit 04 Management of people and operations for business and enterprise

Unit 05 Finance for business and enterprise

Unit 06 Produce a business plan for a business/enterprise

Unit 07 Evaluate a business plan for a business/enterprise


Entry requirements

GCSE grade 4 English & Maths


How is the course examined or assessed?

All of the above units are examined by internally assessed coursework and there is also one exam which covers all of the content from Units 1-5 focusing on applying the skills and knowledge.

Exam is worth 50%, coursework in total is worth 50%


What happens when you have finished?

Students may go on to University perhaps studying something from the “FAME” group of subjects which cover an extremely wide array of degree titles including degrees which focus on finance, marketing, management and administration and events planning and management. Students could also take up an apprenticeship opportunity or choose to enter employment.