Awarding Body / Specification No:  Edexcel 8BNO/9BNO

What will you be learning?

This is a two year context-led course through which you will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills related to Biology. You will study units on  ‘Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health’, ‘Development, Plants and the Environment’, ‘The Natural Environment and Species Survival’ and ‘Energy, Exercise and Coordination’. The course has an emphasis on examining today’s contemporary issues to gain the underlying biological principles, e.g. looking at heart disease, its cause and consequences or the understanding of genetics through a case study on cystic fibrosis. Be prepared to attend a field course at the end of Year 12 or start of Year 13.

Entry requirements

Separate Science students: Science to be studied 6, 2nd science 6, Maths 6

Trilogy (double award) students: 6,6 and Maths 6

2 Science A Levels 7,6 and Maths 6

3 Science A Levels 7,7 and Maths 6

How is the course examined or assessed?

The course is examined at the end of Year 13 and consists of 3 written exams which covers content from across the two years of study. Students will also be assessed on their practical skills through write ups of core practicals carried out across the course.

What happens when you have finished?

Successful completion of Biology A Level can lead to higher education courses such as Medicine, Life Sciences, Sports Science, Environmental Science or into Level 4 vocational qualifications or directly into employment in Science and related sectors.