Year 7 Testimonials

The accounts below are from current year 7 pupils. We hope that this will give you a perspective from students who have most recently been through the transition!

I came from Two Waters primary school. It might look like a massive school but you learn your way around very quickly and you'll not be late to lessons as you have a 5 minute movement time. One of my favourite lessons is science, since it is not just theory lessons but you actually get to do practical experiments as well! There are also lots of after-school and lunchtime clubs to go to such as science club and ukulele club.There are also many school trips you will get to go on such as the trip I went on a few days ago: Epping Forest. On the trip you will get to do many activities and get stuck in. On some of our first days we got to meet our form group and our form tutor. We played games for the first two days and overall had a lot of fun at this school

Life at Hemel school is great. There are loads of amazing, enthusiastic staff and so many opportunities to make new friends. I love all the wide variety of clubs that HHS offers and how many things you can do at lunch and break. I think one of my favourite things about the school is its house events. Something that really helped me transition to secondary school were the taster days and the time we first met our form tutor. If there was only one piece of advice i could give for the new year 7s i would say that although transitioning might feel scary, you get used to the school. Most people know there way around the school in just a few days of being here and if you need any help with any problem there are loads of nice people who would be happy to help.

When joining Hemel Hempstead school it may seem daunting and overwhelming at first but honestly once you have learnt where West, South, North and Main Block are it is easy to find your way around. Some of the best moments of Year 7 are when you meet your form and make new friends. I was scared about the transition from primary to secondary and the best advice i could give would be, even if it takes time everyone will make friends and everyone will fit in at some point. The thing i love most about school is the different clubs.

I had a pre taster day because I didn't know many people from my primary school and I met a few friends there. My favourite part of year 7 has been making new friends and doing different subjects like dance and food technology that i didn't have in primary. I love how nice the environment is at hemal school and how nice everyone is. I was really worried about the transition to secondary school so one piece of advice i would give to someone worried like i was is to not be worried because everyone manages to settle in perfectly and everyone will make friends in the end.

So far, my favourite thing about school is the friendships I have made along the way and the really nice teachers. Everybody in my classes are friendly and the teachers make every subject fun. Transitioning to secondary school has been a big step and although it's very different from primary school, having more students, classes and teachers, it's just as fun here, if not even more fun. I didn't think I would enjoy getting involved with any clubs at first, but there's so many to choose from and so many I'd love to try! There's been many memorable moments in year seven and it's not even over yet! However, if I had to choose between them, going outside of the school to do trampolining during games would be one of my favourite moments. The transition process really helped me get to know everyone in my form as we got to play games and talk to each other a lot on the first couple of days. One top tip for starting year seven is keep a map and a copy of your timetable on hand at all times until you've learned your way around and memorised your timetable, which takes longer than you think! And don't be afraid to ask older students for help!

When I joined, I was a bit nervous (You probably are too) but two days in I realised there was really nothing to worry about! The teachers are lovely and there's plenty of places to go if your feeling a bit overwhelmed. There's a school dog named Coco and she is lovely. You have two days to start with only year sevens, which helps you get into the swing of things. Looking back now, I have no idea what I was scared of! I have made so many new friends and coming to this school was the best choice I made!

My experience in the Hemel Hempstead school has been fantastic and I think I have gained a lot of confidence and found amazing new friends! I love my art lessons and I find them really fun. Secondary school may be a little scary but really it is not at all. It is a big change from primary to secondary as there are a lot of school trips, more options of food for lunch time and even loads of clubs to do at lunch too. The teachers are helpful and are very patient with students. There are so many more pupils in your year to play with, so do not worry about making new friends as there are so many kind and caring people. There are plenty of opportunities to participate in and many leadership skills you can develop. I would say this is a great school and I wish i could have told my future self to not be so nervous at first and stay calm when getting lost. (I only got lost once.)

Do not worry and have a great time here!

When joining HHS I was nervous. However you get welcomed really nicely and there is alot to look forward to. I love seeing my friends everyday. To be honest there is quite a big difference, one of the cool things is that you're in a different classroom for every different subject. My favourite subject is P.E because it's really fun. At the moment we are doing football and I love football! We recently went to Spurs training ground for a training session and it was an amazing experience! There is a lot to look forward to when joining HHS. It's really fun!

In year 7 so far my experience has been great, there are so many activities to take part in at lunch and even after school, you may also take part in house events to represent your house . It is so much better at secondary compared to primary because you have a variety of different teachers. Depending on how good your work is or how good you behave the teachers may pick you to take part in some events, such as I got taken to pizza express to make new friends! My favourite subject is Science because there are way more practical things to do and also art because it's very fun. The Hemel Hempstead school is a great school to come to and your form tutors welcome you to the school. I have also made so many friends!!

I came from Pixies Hill and when I had my first tour at Hemel I was really anxious and only had one friend when I started and I thought I would get lost really easily. But gradually I got used to the school and made lots of new friends in my form. My favourite subject overall I would have to say is art because you are always drawing or painting. In most Primary schools you never really get the chance to do chemical or practicals in science.


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